The Pledge of Allegiance is an oath of loyalty to the United States. This oath is still part of saluting ceremonies in the United States to this day. It was written by George Balch in 1887 and in 1892, it was revised by Francis Bellamy. It was in 1945 that it had been officially named as the “The Pledge of Allegiance“.

In 1892, a Boston-based magazine covered a few words from the Pledge to be memorized and recited by the students on Columbus Day. There were over 12 million students who participated in the recitation of the Pledge which ended up successfully. This was the beginning of when the Pledge of Allegiance became a school ritual in all states of America, where the children are asked to recite it every morning before class.

In 1923, the words “the flag of the United States” had been changed to “my flag”, following the start of the many changes of the original Pledge. It was only until 1942 that it had become the official Pledge of Allegiance.

It was only a 15-second recitation; however, most universities are no longer taking the time or mandating the students to recite it, which we find saddening. In 1943, Supreme Court ruled that children should not be punished nor forced to recite the oath. However, reciting this could have made good moral outcomes to the students, especially since they are being reminded to be true to the country and to develop patriotism and real brotherhood amongst everyone.


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