High-Quality American Flags

Flag World Company carries high-quality American flags in durable Nylon, strong ply-2 spun polyester (Called Tough-Tex, Koralex, or Ply II), and traditional Cotton materials. Our American flags are made of the best quality material, and most of all, they come with sewn stripes, embroidered stars, and solid brass grommets. We sell over 100 different US flag products, ranging in size from 4x6inches to 30ftx50ft. The list includes nylon, cotton, polyester flags, sewn flags, indoor and outdoor kits, car flags, stick flags, banners, and more! These high-quality American flags have canvas or nylon headings and brass grommets, except the larger versions. Our flags have appliqued stars and size 8 feet by 12 feet, and larger have rope reinforced headings with thimble or D-ring ends. Made in the USA. Nylon flags; made of durable nylon that stands up to high winds, bright sunlight, and harsh UV rays. These American nylon flags are made of a dense 200-denier nylon weave, sewn stripes, embroidered stars, and solid brass grommets. Made in the USA. Tough-Tex or Koralex (2-ply spun polyester); designed to be the longest-lasting, fade resisting, and best outdoor flag ever made. These American flags are Sewn stripes, embroidered stars, and solid brass grommets. Made of poly spun material features an open weave that reduces fabric wear, even in the windiest conditions. American made. Traditional cotton; made from densely woven heavy cotton fabric with rich, vibrant colors. They make attractive flags for indoor display. These flags have sewn stripes and embroidered stars. Recommended for ceremonial display, parades, and indoor display. Not recommended for outdoor use. We carry cotton American flags in sizes 2' X 3' to 8' X 12'.

All of our high-quality American flags are still handcrafted and manufactured here in the USA. This helps to support our economy, keeps jobs here in the United States, and ensures that your American flag is of the highest quality. Flag World Company has a history of over 31 years of delighted customers. We pack all of your flags, banners, and flagpole orders and offer our years of advice to make your flag or pole purchase a breeze.

Flag World Company believes in selling only the highest quality American-made flags. If you want to buy a USA flag made overseas, please go to our competitor's websites.

We have and always will fully support the military of the USAMany of our best customers are military men and women and their families, and they hold a special place in our hearts. God Bless the USA!

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