Custom Flags and Banners in Aurora, Colorado

Flag World Company is a premier custom flags and banners company in the City of Aurora, Colorado. Our team specializes in designing and printing our own flags and banners using best-in-class tools and techniques. The Flag World Company online store offers a customizable variety throughout the country.

Flying a personalized, high-quality flag not only creates a memorable image in the eyes and hearts of the observers but also develops awareness about your location in the neighborhood. Our store stocks a wide variety of personalized products to promote spirits for your home or business.

We are a full-service flag company serving our clients right from production through installation (as well as flag upkeep).

Pleated Fans & Decorations for All Occasions
Patriotic & Holiday Bunting,

Our courteous and compassionate customer support team helps you with all your flag-related needs. The team works dedicatedly in assisting you with every project, whether you are re-roping your residential flagpole, ordering a custom-made territory flag, or installing an in-ground pole.

If you are in or around Aurora, Colorado, and looking for a custom flag company, you can trust us with your requirements. We are Aurora’s reputed and most reliable flag business with decades of industry experience serving small or large residential and commercial needs.

Get in touch with us at (303) 623-0589 to order your very own appliqué or printed customized flags or banners.

Custom Flags and Banners – Why Your Business Needs Them.

Custom printed flags make one of the best, highly visible, physical forms of advertising. When strategically illustrated, these out-of-home ad flags remain to be the central touchpoints for customer interaction. You can choose from various advertising banners and flags to display your brand’s message the right way, ensuring your target audience doesn’t miss it.

Besides, there are endless design capabilities for both small and big businesses in Aurora. Our modern technologies allow for a high level of detailing in the design. In fact, we utilize sturdy and high-quality materials and hardware so your flag can resist all wear and tear.

Custom flags are great for mobile marketing, exceptional events, or your storefront. These excellently capture attention, are portable and affordable, and give a much-needed push to your sales. Custom flags are a stylish way of advertising your products and services.

Besides, our flags are suitable for schools, banks, hospitals, troops, sports stadiums, resorts, marinas, and the military. Custom flags and banners don’t just benefit businesses but also other establishments. These are a significant investment and can continue to perform for days or months, even years to come.

Custom Flags for Residential Use

Custom flags are highly recommended for residential use and not just for commercial display or advertising. These can be installed in various home settings and can make for both indoor and outdoor decorations. Flags and banners reflect your personality and style. These make a great prop to celebrate birthdays, weddings, newborns, and even the ones you have lost. Our design specialists can make every detail possible and perfect to suit your needs. You can also check out our residential flag pole accessories here.

You have NO DESIGN OR COLOR LIMITATIONS, the flags are all MADE IN USA, and you get FREE SHIPPING WHEN YOU SPEND $75 AND ABOVE. The sky is the limit on how you would want to use your custom flag or banner. We stock a variety of celebration and specialty flags to enhance the experience of your festivities.

Why Choose Us?

The Flag World Company team prides itself in the customer services we provide. We specialize in creating, installing, and repairing custom flags, banners, and flagpoles. Why choose us?

Made in USA!

We are a locally owned and operated company with all our processes in-house and deliver all around the country. Flag World Company started from a small, privately owned store in San Antonio, TX. In about 25 years, we have become a renowned company located in Aurora, Colorado, as well as Minnesota and Missouri. We are one of the largest retail flag businesses and amongst the leading online vendors in America.

We are 100% made in the USA. We promise our craftsmanship and also provide a guarantee on every purchase for your peace of mind. You can now showcase your choicest designs and let our custom appliqué or printed mechanize do the talking for you!


Personalization is the new cool, and we prioritize this art. We create the flags you want, from national and state flags to company and sports flags. All our custom flags are made in the United States on various materials and either digitally printed or sewn.

We can also provide you with other personalized items, including novelty items, custom banners, decorative items, and clothing. You can speak with our knowledgeable representatives to know more about our procedures.

Wide Selection

Our extensive collection is sure to satisfy the needs of all our customers. We have a virtually endless variety, and the bestsellers include the following:

Our assortment further includes caps and hats, men’s or women’s t-shirtsinternational or state flag decalsglasswarekey chainslapel pinsmagnetsmini bannersparking signstemporary tattooswind spinners, etc. The Flag World Company’s professional and friendly staff can help you find what you may be looking for from our massive inventory.

Quality Products

Aurora residents and businesses choose the Flag World Company not just for the services we offer but also for the quality of those services. All clients expect their work to be done with utmost care. We tend to do just that. All flag work undertaken by our team is authentic, detailed, and long-lasting. We focus all our efforts, not on profiting but perfecting the craft and bringing smiles to the faces of our clients.

Customer Satisfaction

100% customer satisfaction is our priority. We ensure all projects are carried out just the way you request. We hear you, evaluate your perception, and create pleasing results. We conclude our projects on time, not just for your momentary happiness but until our work stands.

Secure Ordering

Besides all the above, we also offer secure processing for your orders so you can be at peace with your information, money, and products. We extend a 100% safe and secure shopping experience to safeguard your interests. What you buy is what you get, and all your tractions remain absolutely secure.

Apart from this, Flag World Company meets or beats anyone’s services as well as pricing. You will find us open seven days a week, offering quality (some days even better) discounts and free shipping on orders above $75. Allow us to provide you with exception flag services irrespective of the order size or design needs – you will not be disappointed.


Our purpose at Flag World Company is to please the eyes and lift the spirits of our clients as well as the neighborhood. We work day in and day out to present excellence in customer services and product quality. Our services include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

Custom Flags

Do you need a custom flag design for your business, home, or any special event? Wish to exhibit your state’s pride outside your home, garden, or office?

Flag World Company will work with you to custom fabricate a flag design in any size and for any state or occasion. You can also order eco-friendly custom flags, indoor custom flag sets, and custom blade, flutter, or tear-drop banners. We employ state-of-the-art techniques and technology to produce photo-quality images placed on the flags and banners with precision.

The delivery usually happens within 7 to 14 business days (depending on particular orders). For any additional queries, don’t hesitate – let us connect and talk over your questions. Our flag experts can also suggest tips on flag etiquettes, i.e., the correct way to handle and display your flags.

Military & Patriotic Flags

At Flag World Company, we carry a large selection of military and patriotic flags, banners, and accessories. You can choose our flags and ornaments to commemorate various occasions such as military retirement or other specific recognition. We stock numerous items, including belt bucklesgrave markersmilitary medal awardsremembrance banners or flags, and more. If you would like to learn more about our inventory, call us right away – we will be happy to assist you.

Decorative Banners

We also offer decorative banners for all occasions, including parties, announcements, seasonal events, holidays, birthdays, and more. No matter what you are celebrating and where you are celebrating, custom decorative banners will help make your day special. But our personalized, high-quality banners make the event even more unique. Give us a call or stop by our store to discuss your requirements.

Flag Poles

Are you looking for a sturdy (steel or aluminum) flag pole installation outside your home or business? Wondering how often you should maintain the flag pole? Or, are you searching for a repair technician to mend the pole and keep the flag flying?

Well, these are three different services but offered by one – the Flag World Company. Our flag pole services include flag pole installation, repair, and maintenance.

Flag Pole Installation

The team at Flag World Company in Aurora, Colorado, is trained and skilled to install flag poles with absolute success. We work hard and are proud of our accomplishments. From digging the foundation to standing the pole, you can have the peace of mind that you will receive excellent installation services all the way. You can speak to our flag pole installation experts to help you with the pricing and other details.

Flag Pole Repair

Sun, rain, pollution, and time itself can tatter your flag and age the flag pole. If not maintained well, saving the flag and pole can be even more challenging for years to come. So, if you encounter any repairs, especially with your American flag, Flag World Company specialists can provide you the much-needed repairs well within time and your budget.  

Flag Pole Maintenance

Regular maintenance is an absolute necessity to keep your flag and flag pole in pristine condition. With our flag and flag pole care, you can extend their life and retire these with respect when needed. Our maintenance services are affordable and hassle-free. Well-maintained poles ensure you are always flying a flag that looks and performs its best. It, in fact, becomes an added value for your Aurora property.

Your flagpole is an investment. Thus we make sure it receives proper installation and aftercare. Call us right away to request an estimate for a flag pole installation or to keep your flag pole looking great for decades to come.

Novelty Items

We have hundreds of novelty items to accommodate the needs of all our clients. Novelty items are a little extra at private celebrations, corporate parties, and other special occasions. Located in Colorado, we deliver quality novelty items throughout the country. Visit our product page to browse through the large assortment at Flag World Company.


From men’s polo and women’s polo to firefighter teesswimsuitsiconic tee-shirts, and more, we have a wide-ranging stock of affordable and superior quality clothing items. Our comprehensive clothing range also includes shorts, pants, jackets, jerseys, and geographical apparel.

These make a great gift, are soft to feel, and are perfect for group events. Have any questions about fit aftercare, designs, or material? Feel free to get in touch with us, and our representatives will guide you through different options.

Need Custom Flags in the City of Aurora, Colorado?

Flag World Company can provide high-quality customized flags and banners in the City of Aurora, Colorado, and around. You can call us at (303) 623-0589 to discuss your requirements with our skilled flag specialists. We are also available online at for immediate assistance.

Request a quote today for more information on the US, state, international, and celebration custom flags, accessories, and merchandise.