Did you know that before America named its 50 states, there were only 13 first states in the union? From 1787 to 1790, these states have suffered from ongoing battles and withstand their loyalty to the US especially in the country’s most trying time, the Civil War. How the First States in the Union were formed It was in 1607 that the British settlers first established its first 13 colonies in Virginia and their group spread all over our nation. Feeling distant from their homeland, the British started to feel that they were not supported by their own government. It was in 1775 that the Revolutionary War started. And this was also the war when the 13 colonies had won their freedom. And on July 4, 1776, our independence from the British colonizers was declared. It was in 1783 that we are all free from the hands of the British settlers and on that day was the start of the new government. first 13 states in the UnionWhat are these 13 original state of the America? There were 13 first states in the union along with their date of statehood
  1. Delaware – December 7, 1787
  2. Pennsylvania –December 12, 1787
  3. New Jersey –December 18, 1787
  4. Georgia –January 2, 1788
  5. Connecticut –January 9, 1788
  6. Massachusetts –February 6, 1788
  7. Maryland –April 28, 1788
  8. South Carolina –May 23, 1788
  9. New Hampshire –June 21, 1788
  10. Virginia –June 25, 1788
  11. New York –July 26, 1788
  12. North Carolina –November 21, 1789
  13. Rhode Island –May 29, 1790

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