Before you take upon this seemingly simple yet deeply patriotic responsibility of buying, owning and caring for the national flag, you must first learn a few things. Taking care of the national flag is not something thing we should take lightly or take for granted. As a matter of fact, there actually exists a flag code that flag owners and bearers must adhere to. This code practically explains proper flag etiquette, from simple folding, raising and mounting, illuminating, and down to proper salute, display and disposal, and so on. And yes, it also includes specifications on the matter of flagpoles, flag sizes and proportions. On the topic of appropriate flag sizes and proportions, here is a quick flag size guide for you to consider before placing an order. If you already have a pole at hand, then this should be your basis for choosing the correct flag size. Measure the height of your pole. If it’s a vertical pole, the traditional flag size should have a length that is approximately 1/3 of the pole’s height. Now if you don’t yet have a pole for your flag, the size of the space where the flag is to be displayed should be considered. For more spacious homes or establishments, a larger pole with a larger flag should be chosen. The most popular flag size is 3’ x 5’ on a 6’ pole. For smaller spaces, a relatively smaller flag size of 2 and ½’ x 4’ on a 5’ pole should suffice. In the case of poles 20-feet tall or higher, the basis is a minimum of 8’ x 12’ flag size on a 40’ pole.  

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