Flag Materials

Flag Materials

Flagworldinc.com carefully control the quality of the fabrics used in the production of our flags. Outdoor US flags are offered in a variety of fabric materials, styles, and sizes-all with the assurance of long-lasting durability and beauty. The outdoor flag products are manufactured to exacting specifications, under strict quality control. We design and construct fabrics that are durable in the face of the sun, cold, and rain.  Our outdoor flag material is lightweight in construction to wave freely and high in tensile strength to withstand wind and harsh weather conditions. Because we do all of this, we offer the finest selection of flag fabrics in the world. 100% Made in the U.S.A!

How our U.S. Flag are assembled:-

Our 2′ x 3′ up to 12′ x 18′ United States flags, have a large, vivid embroidered stars and sewn stripes, while our 15′ x 25′ and larger have a brilliant white  appliqué (sewn) stars and stripes. All of our U.S Flags have a Lock-Stitched Fly Ends, four rows of high strength lock-stitching on the fly ends reduces fraying and extends the flags life (Six rows on the larger flags). Fly Hem Corner Patches are on our 15′ x 25 ft flags & larger, which are finished with reinforcing corner patches on the fly hems.

Mean while our United States flags 2′ x 3′ up to 6′ x 10′ have weather resistant brass grommets, while 8′ x 12′ and larger flags have a heavy-duty galvanized rope & thimble design for added strength and support. Embroidered stars heavy-duty stitching brass grommets rope & thimble for large flags.

The following is a description of the different types of material used for our American Flags:-

  • Nylon Flags – All Star Flags features nylon American flags that are proudly Made in the USA. The nylon flags are our most popular fabric for US Flags. The American flag material is a dense 200 Denier nylon weave fabric that is the longest lasting nylon material available. The nylon American Flag is the best choice in environments with harsh sun conditions as it provides the best resistance to damaging Ultraviolet Radiation(UV). The nylon flag flies in the lightest breeze. The flag has lustrous colors for a bright and colorful appearance.
  • Available for all our U.S Flags, World Flags, State Flags, Military Flags, Historical Flags and some Specialty or Novelty Flags.


  • Polyester Flags – All Star Flags features polyester American flags that are proudly Made in the USA. The polyester American flag material is a 2-ply, spun woven polyester material. The polyester flags are the best fabric for to resist high wind environments. The open weave of the heavy-duty polyester flag fabric will help reduce the fabric stress. Our polyester flags are the longest lasting material offered. It is a popular choice especially for large flags that fly year round. The polyester American flag has the authentic look of a traditional cotton or canvas flag, but provides modern day durability. The colors are deep and rich and the fabric is fade resistant.
  • Available for all our U.S Flags, State Flags, Military Flags and some Specialty or Novelty Flags.


  • Cotton Flags – 100% heavyweight cotton bunting for indoor flag enthusiasts.  Cotton provides the best traditional texture and appearance for indoor flag use.  Flags made of cotton bunting are not recommended for outdoor use. Available only for our U.S Flags.


  • Polyester Flags – This material is a filament, warp knit polyester, producing a flag of good durability and color retention. This polyester material has an open weave that allows the flag to fly in very light breezes. Available for all our U.S Flags, World Flags, State Flags, Military Flags, Historical Flags, Sports Flags and all Specialty or Novelty Flags.

Please note that not all of our flags are available in all materials. Browse through our product categories to see what materials are available for the flag you are interested in. Any questions, please give us a call (1-303-623-0589) (M-S 8:30 – 6:00 MST) or you can e-mail us at info@flagworldinc.com.

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