flagetiquette2FLAG ETIQUETTE

How do you treat your flag, your national and states flag? Flag codes and flag etiquettes are there to educate us how to pay respect, handle, and dispose of the flag properly. People may recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and sing the national anthem, but aside from these how do you really treat and handle a flag?

General Display

  1. The flag should not be displayed before sunrise and after sunset. However, for a patriotic event, the flag can be displayed overnight.
  2. When there are other flags that should be raised with the US flag, the US flag should always be raised higher than the other flags such as the flags of a city, state, pennants of society, or territories.
  3. When lowering a flag, the U.S flag should always be hoisted first and last to be lowered down.
  4. When displaying United States flag with another flag, the position should be in cross position and the U.S. flag should always be on top right of the other flag.
  5. The United States flag should always be at the center when displaying it with groups of flags.
  6. When there are flags of different nations, the flags are to be handled by separate staff but all flags should be raised at the same height as with other flags.

Flags are valuable items. We must know how to give respect not just to our national flag, but for all flags that signify pride and dignity of place, a group, an organization, a company, or an individual.


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