Customization of products is of many uses. From gift giving to advertising to just having your own personalized items that only you can have. Each item is individually produced by highly skilled artists, craftsperson, and now computers. Thanks to modern technology, producing custom products are much faster, easier. In this way, you can have your items on time. We make sure that our products meet your requirements. From the design to the quality and quantity, you can guarantee that everything is done with devotion and dedication to serving our customers the best of the best. You can send us your design or we can make the design for you. Either way, we are pleased to deliver what you need. We provide color charts, nylon charts, samples of banners, flags and logos for your reference and to make it easy for the both of us to get a good grasp of what you have in mind. We make sure that your customized item will be one-of- a-kind, where it carries greater value than the mass product you can see in malls or other stores. Some of our most successful products required a lot of work to have perfect results that will definitely satisfy the client. We make flags either sewn, embroidered, printed, or dyed. It’s true that some of these techniques take a lot of time and effort to build one flag. However, as long as we deliver what our clients need, we are pleased to provide only the most satisfying product they deserve.

Artwork Preparation

ELECTRONIC ARTWORK: We ask that you provide us with the computer generated artwork in the proper format fr production. Raster images/artwork need to be high resolution files, (300 dpi at ull size). Providing sufficient artwork will result in non pixilated images when printed. We also implement the Pantone Matching System for all projects. Providing the specific PMS colors for your artqork is preferred. ARTWORK REQUIREMENTS: We accpet the following artwork files:

  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai) up to version CS4
  • Vector EPS Files (.eps)
  • PDF Files (.pdf) exported from Corel Draw or other Adobe Software
  • Please outline fonts or provide the fonts used in your artwork
  • All Files should be saved as RGB to allow for maximum color gamut
  • Please note: Pixel based files are printed as received.
  • Our Creative Team may assist you in recreating your artwork, art charges are billed at $98.90 per hour.

EXCEPTIONS: Due to the diversity and complexity of submitted artwork, we reserve the right to reject artwork we deem unsuitable or impractical for our printing methods.

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