Do you have flags that you want to be customized and printed? At Flag World Inc., we can provide it to you.

A flag is a representation of a country, company, organization, or group. It is also used as a signaling device, a feast decoration, and a sign. Different flags have their own distinct designs. Thanks to advanced technology, creating flag designs has been made even simpler, easier, and faster. Through graphic design, flags have evolved dramatically and are often used for advertising campaigns—be it electronically based or otherwise.

We offer customized flags, which can be printed, embroidered, dyed, sewn by hand, or appliquéd. We also do dye sublimation. Just give us a call and let’s discuss what you want for your flags. We can guarantee you that your customized flag will turn out the way you imagined it. We take great importance and care over the quality of the flags and make our best efforts to deliver it to you on time. We also accept bulk order and meeting deadlines is a piece of cake for our highly reliable team.

Below are two of the many ways we create a flag. Applique flags

custom appliqued flagThis is a heavily sewn flag with thick nylons and double stitched seams. Just give your color preference and we’ll handle the rest. Browse our website and look for the color chart to see which colors you want us to use.


Flags Being Printed

We use avant-garde machines that use silk screening techniques to transfer designs to flags or banners. It can also produce animated colors. Price depends on the complexity of the design.

Order your custom flags NOW or call Flag World Inc. at 303-623-0589.