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Residential/ Home Flagpoles. Have you ever thought of raising a flag at the front of your house or want to fill in a vacant space in your background? Our residential types of flagpoles are now available in different forms? You can choose from either a flagpole that can hold a flag on the inside walls of your house. Or an in-ground flagpole that will stand steadily outside your front door.

An ideal residential/ home flagpoles are measuring from 5-feet up to 30-feet tall depending on your preference. We also carry white, gold, and silver aluminum or steel flagpole brackets to attach and screw in your residential outdoors flagpole.

Flag World Company residential In-ground flagpoles come in a Budget  Sectional FlagpolesDeluxe Sectional PolesHeavy-Duty One Piece, Residential Outrigger Wall Flagpole Kits and finally Fiberglass Residential Poles.

Telescoping Flagpoles are usually 10ft high, up to 25-feet tall. It is also built with durable materials and designed to be easy to manage. This flag set is the Cadillac of residential flagpoles. We carry the NEW Revolutionary Telescoping Flagpole in Three different Styles & Multiple Sizes!

You can fly one or two flags at once! Two stainless steel clips added on to your flagpole! Everything you need to install easily. Has a No Drop Posi-Lock dual-locking system that prevents the pole from collapsing until you want to bring down the flag. Our telescoping flagpoles are all 100% made in the United States!

Flag World Company has the best selection of American Flags, Military Flags, State Flags, World Flags, Sports Flags, Specialties Flags, Flagpoles, and more!


Residential/ Home Flagpoles

Boxed US Cotton Flag Kit

$67.60 $58.50

Residential/ Home Flagpoles

US Flag Kit With Flagpole

$58.80 $47.40