Residential and Commercial Flagpoles for Sale

Check out our residential and commercial flagpoles for sale. Flagpoles are classified into Five categories – indoors, residential, commercial, sectional, and telescopic flagpoles. Depending on where you want to install a flag, our flagpoles categories will surely offer you a wide variety to select from. Show your patriotism by waving the red, white, and blue outside your home or office with our easy-setup in-ground flag pole kits.

Flagpole Accessories: Flagpoles are of no use without these accessories:

● Brackets

● Carrying Belts

● Cord & Tassels

● Flag Cases

● Floor Stands/Base

● Hardware

● Indoor Flagpole Ornaments

Outdoors Flagpole Ornaments

● Solar Flagpole Lights

Residential Flagpole and Telescoping

Have you ever thought to raise a flag at the front of your house or want to fill in a vacant space in your background? Our residential types of flagpoles are now available in different forms? You can choose from either a flagpole that can hold a flag on the inside walls of your house or an in-ground flagpole that will stand steadily outside your front door.

An ideal residential flagpole is measuring from 5-feet up to 30-feet tall, depending on your preference. We also carry white, gold, and silver aluminum or steel flagpole brackets to attach and screw in your residential outdoors flagpole.

Flag World Company residential In-ground flagpoles come in Budget  Sectional FlagpolesDeluxe Sectional Poles, Heavy-Duty One Piece, Residential Outrigger Wall Flagpole Kits, and finally Fiberglass Residential Poles.

Telescoping Flagpoles are usually 10ft high, up to 25-feet tall. It is also built with durable materials and designed to be easy to manage. This flag set is the Cadillac of residential flagpoles. We carry the NEW Revolutionary Telescoping Flagpole in Three different Styles & Multiple Sizes!

You can fly one or two flags at once! Two stainless steel clips added to your flagpole! Everything you need to install easily. It has a No Drop Posi-Lock dual-locking system that prevents the pole from collapsing until you want to bring down the flag. Our telescoping flagpoles are all 100% made in the United States!

In-GroundCommercial Aluminum or Fiberglass Flagpoles

A commercial flagpole can be up to 150-feet tall. It’s made of durable Aluminum or Fiberglass materials that allow the pole to stand steadily even with a strong wind blowing. All if not most of our commercial flagpoles are installed permanently into the ground with cement or bolted on a flat surface.

Flag World Company Aluminum Commercial flagpoles also come in a Variety of Styles and Categories. Our beautiful Aluminum flagpoles are available in both External Halyard Tapered Flagpoles (With a ball, rope, and cleat). Internal Halyard with an inside rope W/Cam Cleat. Internal Halyard with an inside steel cable and winch system tapered from 6063-T6 seamless extruded 100% aluminum tubing! 

 Outrigger Commercial Aluminum Flagpoles (Will add soon) 

Our commercial Outrigger Aluminum Wall Flagpole offers a wide variety of wall-mounted flagpole designs ranging in lengths from 8″ to 16″. The flagpole and mount come with your standard 45° design. We also offer 30° and 60° options for customers with specific architectural design needs. 

Have a question regarding the 30° or 60° flagpole. Please contact us by calling 1-303-623-0586 or email us.

 Vertical Commercial Flagpoles (Soon to be added

The vertical wall mount commercial flagpole is the city’s answer to a standard in-ground flagpole. This type of flagpole mounts to the wall of a building with two brackets. It’s similar to an outrigger flagpole, but this one stands vertically, and the flag is displayed above the building. We typically see this type of flagpole at big box stores where they don’t want to install an in-ground flagpole in the parking lot. The kit includes all you need to complete your project. Most noteworthy, We recommend installing a cleat box cover and halyard cover for security on this flagpole style.

Have any questions or to place an order for any of these flagpoles. Please contact us by calling 1-303-623-0586 or email us.

Nautical Aluminum Flagpoles (will add soon)  

A nautical flagpole is made of high quality spun aluminum and features a single shaft with a yardarm. They are usually 25ft high, up to 70-feet tall. The kit includes all you need to make your waterfront flagpole complete. All of our Nylon and Poly-II flags and commercial flagpoles are 100% made in the U.S.A. 

We can answer all your questions regarding these flagpoles. Please contact us by calling 1-303-623-0586 or email us.

Fiberglass Heavy Duty Flagpoles

No matter what size or type of fiberglass flagpole you need, we have the right solution for you! Our in-ground Fiberglass Flagpoles come complete and with all the flagpole fittings. That includes a ground sleeve, flash collar, flag clips, cleat, halyard rope, revolving truck, and an ornament top.

Hinge Base Fiberglass Flagpole sizes range from 20′ to 60′, and they are sealed with protective coating for longevity. These outdoor fiberglass flagpoles can handle winds up to 120 mph.

Fiberglass is a non-conductive material, meaning that these flag poles should never attract lightning – making it a great choice to have—furthermore, a great choice for playgrounds, courtyards, parks, and other public spaces. Have any questions or to place an order for any of these flagpoles. Please contact us by calling 1-303-623-0586 or email us.

Indoor/Parade Flagpole

These types of flag poles are available either in wood or aluminum. Unlike the in-ground type of flagpole, which is also available in fiberglass, indoor flagpoles are built to fit inside your house or office. An indoor flagpole is just the way to add stately elegance to any space.

Flag World Company offers indoor flag poles in a snap-lock Aluminumguidon staffwoodenOakwood, mahogany, and rich anodized. In addition to individual, we also offer complete sets, including an indoor flagpole with either a spear or eagle topper, a base, and a cord and tassel.

Browse our full selection of indoor and parade flagpoles here

Need any help or to place an order for any of these residential or commercial flagpoles for sale, please contact us by calling 1-303-623-0586 or email us.