Flag poles are basically classified into three categories–residential, commercial, and telescopic flag pole. Depending on where you want to install a flag, flagpole categories will surely offer you a variety to select from.

Flagpole accessories

Flagpoles are of no use without these accessories:

● Brackets
● Carrying Belts
● Cord & Tassels
● Flag Cases
● Floor Stands/Base
● Hardware
● Indoor and Outdoor Flagpole Ornaments
● Solar Lights

Residential flagpole

If you want to raise a flag at the front of your house or want to fill in a vacant space in your background, residential types of flagpoles are now available in different forms. You can choose from either a flagpole that can hold a flag on the inside walls of your house or a ground flagpole that will stand steadily outside your front door. An ideal residential flagpole is measuring from six feet up to 35-feet tall and usually sectional.

In Ground: Commercial and Telescoping flagpole

A commercial flagpole can be up to 80-feet tall. It is made up of durable materials that allow the pole to stand steadily even with strong wind blowing. Most of the commercial flagpoles are installed permanently into the ground with cement or bolted on a flat surface.

Telescoping flagpoles are usually high, up to 20-feet tall. It is also built with durable materials and designed to be easy to manage.

Indoor/Parade Flagpole

These types of flagpoles are available either in wood or aluminum. Unlike the in-ground type of flagpole which is also available in fiberglass, indoor flagpoles are simply built to fit inside your house or office.